Chintamani Gems is presenting you with the best and Awesome collection of Diamond Jewelry in massive range. We have a unique collection of Engagement Rings, Wedding rings, Birthstone rings, Earrings for men, Bracelets, Pendants, Men’s jewelry, and Hip hop jewelry.

Why Us ?

All diamonds we deal in are 100% Natural Conflict-Free and KPCS compliant. Any customer who buys from us is going to be covered under the 30-day money-back guarantee. However client only checkout using PayPal or RazoPay,so we have double customer protection. We assure there is no risk associated with dealing with us.

Our products and its Quality have make us earn the tags of a Quality Diamond manufacturer, Black Diamonds manufacturer, Silver and Gold (White as well Yellow) Jewelry manufacturer.

Our commitment to Quality, Value and Prompt Client Service has enabled us to retain 100% customers Trust and deep Satisfaction. Our Brand is well known in Natural Diamonds, Lab Grown Diamonds and Fine Jewelry Community.

The Excellence Quality of our Natural Diamonds have earned us wide appreciation from our clients across the globe. We serve clients from Switzerland, USA, UK, Russian Federation, Australia, European Union, Thailand, Japan, U.A.E and many other countries. At CHINTAMANI GEMS, we have satisfied and received trust of more than 50,000 clients in Retail as well wholesale

Motto of CHINTAMANI GEMS is to Delight Client and earns their Trust and Satisfaction at the same time which is the reason we’ve got many jewelry stores also, diamond merchants as our repeated customers.

We are glad to accept any of your queries or inquiry. We would be more glad to assist you in any diamond and jewelry buying assistance for which we have kept Education section.

Family hierarchy which still goes on...

At CHINTAMANI GEMS, we fell proud of ourselves because of our strong Visionary and Modernity. Without a solid and perfect foundation, these fine attributes would vanish into thin air. With years of Experience in this field of Diamond and Jewelry trade – spanning many generations – we have come up to this stage and have attain Strong position.

Hailing from a family of esteemed diamond merchants in Surat (The Diamond City of India), We vividly remember our childhood visits to the diamond factories in Surat. Here, we witnessed the process of diamond journey from how rough stones were honed into brilliant jewels. It impressed upon us – at an early age – the importance of transparency and ethical practices within the trade. This afforded us a unique understanding of the emotional significance and symbolism embodied in every jewel.

Their different skill sets complemented us perfectly, enabling CHINTAMANI GEMS to boldly move forward into an already established industry and become innovation leaders who champion the dreams of customers worldwide.

Quality Designs, Curetted Collection.

Since beginning of our journey, we have constantly sourced inspiration from our satisfied customers. Our Customized Tailored Service have played a critical role in shaping our identity and allowed countless ideas to come to CHINTAMANI GEMS, producing tailored made customized jeweler that have become priceless family treasure.

Some of our most valuable engagement and wedding ring designs, such as Vintage rings, were born out of our customers creative requests. This inspiration gave us the insight to design our own timeless and boundless collections with artistry of our own craft.

Today, these collections allow customers to see through the perplexing volume of jewellery available on our site. We are able to present exquisite and unique designs in an easy and accessible way, uniting our creativity with your personal desires.

One team - with shared passion.

Behind every sell are many years of hard work, passion and expertise. From our design team, to our expert craftsmen, to our jewellery consultants, everyone here at CHINTAMANI GEMS shares a common desire to provide each customer with beautiful jewellery of the highest emotional value.

Although we have been very fortunate, we know that nothing of value comes without true dedication. We thanks to our brilliant team of creative minds and their dedicated efforts and we continue to reach new heights in our journey. These are exciting times as we plan to grow internationally and continue to innovate.

Chintamani Gems - a promise.

By creating diamond jewellery, we’re also capturing precious memories. This is a huge responsibility. We know how the fleeting seconds before you propose are filled with apprehension and emotion. These moments may seem to last forever – and when crystallized in a superb piece of CHINTAMANI GEMS jewellery, they will.

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