Precious & Semi Precious

We deal in all kind of shapes and size in precious as well as semi precious gemstone. We keep all the ranges of quality from low to high.

Carving Colour Stones

We also deal in Carving colour stone as per the demand of customers. We make the carving stone according to customers requirement and design.

C. Z. Round (A.D.) Wholesale

We also deal in C.Z. round packets at wholesale price in large quantity. We provide special shading chart in C.Z. rounds in all colors.



Regular & Fancy colour stone. We deal in all kinds of fancy and regular shapes in all kinds of colour and variety of Synthetic and C.Z. colour stones.


Here are few varieties of synthetic color stones :
Red, Green & Blue Hydro.
Red & Blue Imitation.
Dublet Stones.
Green Onyx.
All colours in C.Z. & Synthetic.

We deals in


  • Real Emerald

  • Real Ruby

  • Real Blue Sapphire

  • Real Yellow Sapphire

  • Real Semi Precious

  • Real Precious Mala

  • Real Rainbow Mala

  • Pearl in all varieties

  • Carving on M.O.P.

  • Fancy carving

  • Fancy carving

  • All colors in synthetic

  • Fancy created stones

  • Painted cameo set

  • Painted cameo set